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Navaid Lighting Associates Inc. is pleased to represent TMS Photometrics, a division of Tailor Made Systems Ltd, developers of the Mobile Airfield Light Monitoring System.

MALMS was developed specifically to accurately measure the performance of high intensity lighting on operational airfield runways and taxiways. This development followed an extensive research program commissioned by the UK Civil Aviation Authority / Ministry of Defence into the performance of high intensity lighting under actual service conditions.

The MALMS Mobile Standard system comprises:

1. Trailer mounted MALMS Mobile Data Collection System.
2. PC based MALMS Data Analysis System for data storage, analysis and output.
3. MALMS Workshop Tester (optional), for testing fittings prior to return to service.

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Key Features include:


Measures Beam Intensity and Orientation In Candela to ICAO or FAA Standard
Fast and Accurate Typical error <5% on runway centerline at 65kph (40 mph).
Versatile Monitors a wide rage from inset taxiway to elevated runway edge fittings.
Highly Repeatable By compensating for driver error or rejecting data.
Robust and Reliable Designed for routine use by unskilled operatives.
Provides Summary Reports - For Regulatory Authority and Management.
Provides Isocandela Diagrams For detailed information on every fitting.
In regular use By airfields, UK Civil Aviation Authority and Ministry of Defense.

A standard MALMS system comprises of a number of key elements; the MALMS Mobile measurement system includes high accuracy light sensors, navigation module with integral GPS, additional sensors to accurately locate the position of the light source and rugged communications network. Sensors are mounted on a custom built trailer designed to provide a stable measurement platform. A touch screen Data collection system, typically sited inside the vehicle towing the trailer, provides the most easy to use operator interface and the PC based MALMS Office Data Analysis System offers comprehensive data analysis facilities.

With MALMS, every factor that can affect mobile measurement on an airfield, including the measurement technique itself, the specification and calibration of the devices, the driving quality and operator activity, has been carefully and rigorously assessed, understood and addressed. The result is a sophisticated combination of mechanical, electronic, optical and software systems, where each feature has been incorporated to either meet a functional law of physics or to meet the requirements of ease of use, accuracy and compliance with ICAO and FAA standards.

Testing Services:

  • Evaluations of Existing Systems

  • Insulation Resistance Testing of Airfield Lighting Cable Systems

  • Testing and Evaluation of Grounding and Counterpoise Systems

  • Constant Current Regulator Testing

  • Infield Photometric Evaluation of Runway, Taxiway Lighting and Signage

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